Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Mom's fidget toy

Fidget toys have been in the news lately.
I asked my brother to send us a fidget cube, as a kind of physical therapy for Mom.
It has buttons and sliders and things to press.

Part of her treatment was steroids, which made her very fidgety

Unfortunately they were really back ordered. 

I just got the package today:

Sorry I don't have a better picture. The blue cube on the right ^ is a silicone key chain holder.
You can look up Fidget Cube online.

The Fidget Cube is supposed to be less distracting than the Fidget Spinners...

Yesterday I was cleaning up (I'm always moving paper from one pile to another) and I found one of those Sundance catalogs and copied a few things.

The Sundance company has some awesome jewelry designers.

I don't sell jewelry anywhere, and I copy their designs for learning purposes only:

I made this stretchy bracelet to copy the one above, using what I had available:

Also I really wanted to make the necklace, but it was going to require putting a lot of beads onto chains.
After looking around, though, I found some turquoise colored beads that were already strung.

I think I got them at Walmart.

I added a plain chain, and some little colored bits, and I even found a very similar chain like the one from Walmart, that I had started, for some long forgotten project.

It came out nice. 

I've made a lot of necklaces but I haven't really worn many of them.
It doesn't help that I have a really short neck.

I do think I'll wear the bracelet a lot, it's very uplifting

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