Monday, April 3, 2017

Spring cleaning

I had Sunday off.
Mom has been doing OK.
She is very sad, because she hasn't lost her memory, just a lot of ability.
She is doing pretty well this week, though.
She can eat better and move her left side better now.

This weekend, I answered an email I got two weeks ago.
Some one from the car club wanted to know if I still had parts for sale.
I had kept the doors, seats, rear lights, and a bunch of other parts from the old green car.

Most of the stuff I wanted to keep is already in the new green car at the painter.

Luckily this guy was able to come on Sunday.

I sold the doors, and gave away some parts that were just gathering dust.
It felt good to get rid of stuff I didn't need.

I didn't take any pictures but I made some art, related to a dream I had the night before.

I dreamed I was at the beach and somebody had just jumped off the pier.
I was not concerned about the people running and yelling.

I went into a busy pub and got into line to order food.
At the same time I was painting a miniature version of car doors in my hands.

The time to order food ended and the cook left.
I didn't get any food and my hands were painted green.

I used some of the money from selling parts to buy new plants for my yard.

I fixed up this part of the yard near an ugly fence:

I didn't like all the mis-matched pots, so I planted some of the plants into the ground.

I got rid of scraggly plants, and bought new flowering plants.

I found enough random bricks around the yard to almost make a wall!

I went to a Lowe's instead of Home Depot.
It was hard to choose from all the plants they had, some that I'd never seen before.

This one is called a Mallow bush and it looks like a purple hibiscus:

It was a nice day.
I spent almost the whole day outside.

I wish Mom could come outside and see the garden, but she didn't want to be moved.

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  1. Glad you had a day to garden, it's so therapeutic!
    The Mallow bush is stunning!