Friday, April 7, 2017

I didn't think I could have another worse day, ever.

Mom is hanging in there, but the insurance is just being a pill.

It was the worst day ever.
She had appointments all day,
and after waiting and waiting, they just referred her elsewhere.

Well, was not as bad as spending 36 hours in the E.R.


Mom is so tired...
It was all I could do to make her comfortable and eat a few spoonfuls of food.

I didn't work in my garden all week.
I didn't paint.
(I even put it "paint or make jewelry" on my phone's to-do list.)

After my long "day off," I drove around.
I acted as stupid as the little 305 in the red car would let me.

The Long Beach Grand Prix is this weekend, already!

Thank goodness the "race" motor is in the green car in limbo land!

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