Friday, April 21, 2017

At home

Last week, we placed Mom on hospice care at home.
This meant that there is nothing more that can be done, and she was no longer going to get any cancer treatment.
It was a difficult decision for the family.
But traveling to all her doctors appointments was just too much for her.
Putting her on hospice also meant that she would get more nursing care at home.

On Monday, Mom had a big seizure and never came out of it.
We took her to the hospital. Since there wasn't anything more to be done, once she was stabilized, we brought her back home (the same day.)

Her seizure gradually went away. She has been unconscious ever since Monday.
My brother and sister came on Tuesday.
They had already planned the trip.
I took a few days off of work.

I was hoping Mom might wake up at some point during their visit, so they could talk, but she didn't.
They are dealing with everything OK.

My brother and sister decided to take their planned flights back home today.

It will not be long now...

During the week I did make some matching bracelets:

I copied one of my favorite old necklaces that I bought when I was 20 or so.

The original is the black one on the bottom and the new one has the pinkish stones.

Since I took a few days off, and had to rearrange my room again so family could use it, I brought some of my collage-ing stuff out to the patio.

The cat decided to take a nap in my tray of papers!

I made several collages, but I haven't photographed them yet.
I offered to show my brother and sister some techniques, but they weren't into it.

Roberto the painter called on Wednesday and said my car would surely be finished by next week...

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  1. Dear Julie, you and your family are in my thoughts and prayers. I send you virtual hugs and real love at this difficult time for you all.
    If it feels right, hope you'll record emotions through your artwork, or journal to look back on later. It doesn't have to be pretty just real to you. Take good care. ♥♥♥