Thursday, March 9, 2017

Two steps back.

Today, we were all set to start Mom's chemo with the new drug.
Unfortunately we got some bad news.
Her platelets were low, so we couldn't start the treatment today.

I thought maybe it had to do with lack of eating or lack of blood (they take a lot of samples every week) but her oncologist said she isn't anemic, and everything else is OK.

She's either fighting off a virus or there is something going on in the bone marrow.

We are going to do more tests.

At the same time, we saw her latest MRI.
Although the tumor hasn't grown in the past few weeks, there seems to be a bunch of new spots!

It isn't looking good, but we are still hopeful.

Yesterday I made a bracelet and earrings.

My sister sent a package in the mail.
It was a set of watercolors and a brush and a pad of watercolor paper!

I figured it was for Mom, because she likes to color in her coloring book.
But my sister said it is for me...

I guess she has ESP, or maybe she follows my blog.
It's been too long, so I decided to do some watercolors of flowers today.

I've been working on my garden lately but I didn't see anything good for cutting.

I picked a bit of orange blossoms, and some flowers from Mom's latest "get well bouquet."

It has been a really long time since I have drawn some flowers.
I used a watercolor pencil to sketch it out:

Then some watercolors (I had these already in a dish from some tubes)

I added more watercolor pencil to the background.

This is what I ended up with:

It doesn't feel finished, but it's way more drawing than I've done in many months!

I'm still using the same cheap sketchbook, since August, but it's finally almost done.
I'm looking forward to my new sketchbook with some better paper.

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  1. Yea for your Sister & you ... go for it.
    Love & prayers for Mom. ♥