Saturday, March 25, 2017

Mom was in the hospital this week.

Mom's brain tumor(s) continue to grow, and she had swelling on the brain.

She lost a lot of function on the left side including chewing and swallowing.
We took her to the ER on Weds. morning, basically because we could no longer give her any medicine.

Luckily she got a room and a bed in the ER right away.

I saw many sick people who had to sit in chairs the hallway to get treated.
I heard from the nurses that ER's are like this all over the place, and even worse in LA.
According to them, in LA you have to sit in the waiting room for 24 hours before anyone even sees you, and in other hospitals there is only one doctor in the whole ER.

We were in the ER from about 8 am Weds until about 1 am Friday.

I used to take care of mom's brother, who had heart failure and no immediate family.
He was hospitalized often, and the long stay in the ER was not a surprise.

Staying in the ER was kind of interesting, since most of the drama was with everyone else.
OD's and stabbing victims with their police escorts, and Very Loud people who want a place to sleep but refuse treatment, and a few old people with heart attacks and strokes, and more OD's.

Apparently, Pot isn't as "edible" as advertised.

They gave mom fluids, and steroids to help her brain swelling.
She got a nice room in the Neuro part of the hospital for a short while.
Although she still can't talk right, and needs to eat puree now, she was deemed ready to go home.

We will postpone her new chemo (which she took for a few days last week) for about a week, meanwhile she qualifies for more hospice care now that she can do less for herself.

I didn't draw anything or make jewelry, not since whenever.

I was glad the guy painting the green car didn't call me all week...

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  1. Oh Julie, hang in there sweetie, as you do and have done over and over. As you know, you are in my thoughts and prayers daily. You are strong, but even stronger that you know. ♥