Thursday, February 9, 2017

Watercolor Jets

Today was my day off, so I slept.
I don't seem to have a cold yet...

Mom didn't get a call back from her doctor.
She is OK or the same, but still not moving enough.

I had a dream about some airliners that were trying to land or take off.
They had to land on an empty piece of land where there is a railroad track.
Near South Coast Plaza.
It kept repeating.

Sometimes the jets would try to take off but they would get in each others way.
Other times they just couldn't get altitude, and flew too low over the city.

One jet ended up landing upside down, but softly, so that everyone was able to escape.
At the end of the dream, I was glad I had decided not to go outside that day.

I think this dream was partly caused by a neighbor working on their house.
It sounded like they were breaking up concrete.

In my sketchbook this week, I've been using a fine pen and these powdered watercolors called Brusho.

I decided to draw some jets, and play with the watercolors.
(I copied the jets from pictures)

I haven't used Photoshop in a few months, so I used the program to make a collage with the jets and one of my cloud photos:

I like clouds, but I have a phobia of jets flying overhead.

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