Wednesday, February 1, 2017

A long post, with not-bad news. I need to post more often...

Mom news, for family who wants to skip the rest:

Mom continues to be rather sleepy and a bit disoriented, but she says she feels fine.
She says nothing hurts and she doesn't need to see her doctor.
Last week was chemo week, so we will wait and see.
She is still eating and everything else seems OK, and her nurse says her vitals are good.

Car stuff:

Don the mechanic was kind enough to come to my house yesterday (Tuesday), to see what was wrong with the Red car so I wouldn't have to tow it.

Before he came yesterday, he asked me to see if the fuel injectors were working.
He told me to take off the air cleaner, but I just removed the cover.

(Round thing in the middle, not my car, but the same motor, 305 TBI ):

I thought one injector wasn't working, but I wasn't looking down far enough.

This is what he wanted me to see
This car has two injectors that spray into a bowl to feed the 8 cylinders:

Don brought some tools based on my description of the problem.
He thought it wasn't getting fuel but the fuel delivery was OK.
He would have to come back (today) with another plan...

Stuff from the job at church:

While I was stuck in the Target parking lot on Sunday night, cranky and hungry and waiting three hours for a tow truck, I saw something shiny on the ground:

I brought it home.
At work the next day, I experienced a kind of Karma.

The pastor is on the board of directors of a certain charity.
A homeless man had been parked on their property for a few weeks, and they towed his truck to our property a few weeks ago.
Unfortunately they parked him too close to our school, (right on the basketball court! and we had teams visiting from other schools) and people began to complain.

Yesterday he came in to report having things stolen from his truck, and about a conspiracy against him, and that he was leaving.
(I don't doubt he had things stolen. A different man stole iPads from the school over the New Year's and yesterday.)

He asked me to call the charity to tow his truck to another lot.
They answered and said they would, but they never came.
It ends up they won't do it until tomorrow, maybe!

Boy was he mad! He kept coming into the office every half hour, swearing and making weird conspiracy-theory statements.
It reminded me of my own angry, hungry state while talking to the insurance company dispatch, (NOT TRIPLE A) waiting for a tow truck.

Also at work... We have a new IT consultant at the office!
They told me when I came in today, "We're going to have a new IT guy," and voila, just like that, he appeared from the other room.
I wish it was because the other IT guy deleted the important things off that computer, without warning me first, but I think it's just because the new guy is cheaper. 😥

Car stuff again: 

Today Don returned with the right tools, and was able to get my car to start!
Yesterday we determined we had fuel but no spark.
He narrowed the problem to an ignition module in the distributor that the previous owner had not greased up properly.
This should be covered with a kind of grease that conducts electricity:

We got the car to start again, and maybe it runs better.
Unfortunately as soon as it got warm again tonight, it started but tried to stall again.
That's normal.
The important thing is that it starts.
I'm used to coaxing stubborn old engines back to life.

Unfortunately, I don't think Mom noticed that somebody came to work on my car.
(Don doesn't know my parents well, and didn't come inside to say hi, although he knows what's going on. Dad did come out to see what he did.)

Art stuff:

Meanwhile I have been cleaning my room instead of drawing...
I wrote and made some scribbles (literally) in my journal today but nothing special.
Earlier in the week, I was inspired by this necklace I saw in the Sundance catalog:

I wouldn't wear something that busy, so I simplified it a little, and changed the colors.

I got this far, but haven't put it on a string yet:

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