Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Earrings etc

Over the weekend I went to Daiso and bought a bunch of stuff.
One other thing I bought was a pair of $1.50 earrings.

I wasn't wearing any earrings that night.
After all, I must have a hundred earrings I've made at home, so I had no excuse to go out without any!
So as penance I bought another pair, just a random earring that I saw.

Once I got home, I decided they were too busy and too long..

I separated the parts and discovered that the studs were not attached to the other parts

I put hooks on the stony-looking pieces and turned them into a pair.
They are irregular and it bugs me...

I divided the long chains in half to make the chains shorter.
I put a gold dangle-y bit on the other half of the chain earrings.

In the end my favorites were the gold-colored ball studs.
To my surprise I left them in all weekend and they didn't become sore.

Oh. So On Sunday I walked to work. It was rainy. I met some puddles, but survived...

I couldn't find videos of the surfer I was following a few months ago.
Apparently he has changed his YouTube user name to  " Man Of Water. "
Anyway I wondered how he was doing with the recent storms?

I can't believe how these hard core surfers will enter into this filthy water after a storm.
It's hard to convince me to wade in any of the local beaches at any time of year!

I don't really watch the whole thing but the surf sound in the background is always relaxing.

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