Monday, January 2, 2017

Another day off to clean the house

Today I got up early and watched 3/4 of the parade and went back to bed.

It seemed like half the floats didn't do what they were supposed to do.

Yesterday I bought some containers at JoAnn's.
Storage containers are 1/2 off.

I spent a while cleaning off my desk and putting things into the containers.
Instead of drawing or making crafts.

Here's a picture of the buttons I bought:

Here's a picture of the storage containers:

The containers are on top of a serving tray from Ikea, which is on top of a metal shelf.

When I get an idea for a jewelry project, I lay the beads I'm going to use onto a flat box top or a dish.
If I don't finish, these little boxes end up stacked up on top of the big serving tray.

The boxes I bought were supposed to fix that, but they just added onto the stack!

Around sunset, I thought about going to the HB pier to walk, or going to buy more containers.

Instead, I took down all my outside Christmas lights.

All the Christmas light boxes and other crates were scattered around the garage.

I spent the rest of the day re-organizing the crates.

I didn't take a walk but it was a day well spent.

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  1. I love days where I finally get stuff organized,a great feeling! But it doesn't happen often enough for me! ;op