Saturday, December 31, 2016

One last post before the new year

I've been cleaning on my days off.
On my day off Thursday, I cleaned the patio and all its windows.
Today I cleaned my drawing room.
I want to buy more storage containers, but it's raining.
So I'm blogging while I wait for the rain to stop.

Yesterday, I tried melting some solder into the chocolate molds.
I hadn't tried to solder in a while. It was blobby.
I wasn't happy with the results.

I decided it was time to try using the torch for the first time!
It would surely get the solder molten hot.

The torch was too big and awkward.
The solder wouldn't go where I wanted, it would just drip.

The torch also burned the molds (they are only good up to 400 degrees.)
I think I will put it away for awhile.

I found the jewelry-shaped candy mold from Wilton, which I had only tried with hot glue.

I heated up some scrap pieces of solder into one of the long shapes.
(I used the soldering iron this time.)
The long shape will make it easier to re-melt the next time I need it.

(It wouldn't bend into a bracelet.)

I got an idea to glue a stone into one of the shapes.
I had some faux turquoise, but they were the wrong size to fit into the shape I'd made.

I was able to find a bead that fit into another shape, so I melted the solder and glued the bead, and this turned out well:

I've heard the first thing you do on the New Year is what you will do all year long.
2016 was pretty uninspiring for me, so this time I will be sure to be crafting at midnight!

Happy New Year to all!

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