Thursday, December 15, 2016

Mom is doing better. Spent day off with car.

Today, Mom had another regularly scheduled check up.
Nothing exciting,  just going over the latest test results.
But for the first time in a long time, she said, "let me get into the wheelchair on my own."
And she stood up on her own and sat down by herself.
Me and Dad cheered !

I get Thursdays off now, but work Sundays.
Last Thursday I put up the Christmas lights on my house, but I wasn't completely satisfied so I didn't take a picture. Just needs one more Sparkleball...
But it rained today, so I didn't finish (enough to take a pic)

I planned to visit Don the mechanic to see where the oil was leaking from on the green car.
He was busy last Thursday but today he wasn't working on a car, so I went over there.

While I was hanging out, I played with some filters on my phone.

All the stuff at Don's shop boggles the mind.
But Don knows exactly where everything is and what it's for!

The textures come out cool, using that artistic filter.
I will have to do some more next time I go there.

The oil was coming from the back of the motor.
I was afraid it was the Rear Main Seal, which is a big gasket that would need major work to repair.
Luckily, it was not that at all, it was coming from a small gasket near the oil filter.

I didn't notice until now, that the oil filter (the blue thing) doesn't screw right into the block.
On some of these cars it does.
I can't count how many oil changes I've done (this is Third-Gen #3) and never noticed!
Well, it's pretty dark under there when you don't have a lift.

This car has some kind of oil cooler (a high performance option,) (the black band right above the blue thing) and that's probably the gasket that's leaking.
Don will look in his shop to see if he has one, or order one.

The body shop is a mile from Don's shop.
I went there next, and to my surprise, the painter had an opening!
I will be dropping off the green car a week from Friday!

Leak or no leak (but for his floor's sake, hopefully no leak)

Hopefully by the New Year it will be a shiny, dark metallic green again.

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  1. I think it's cool that you know quite a bit about your cars and probably save a lot! ;o) Glad your Mom is doing better too! ♥