Wednesday, December 28, 2016

Another necklace. Buttons. Another SNAFU at work.

On Sunday at work, it was kinda slow.
I looked at more jewelry designs online, and drew some on paper.

On my day off, Monday, I tried to make a necklace from this design:

I already had three pieces of wire bundled together from a previous project.

The original design (not my own, and probably from the Sundance catalog) called for leather cord.
I don't usually use cord, so I tried to finish it with a chain:

It looked funny, so I used the leather cord, and it looked much better.

I'm a little wary about the knots, so I put super glue on them.

In the afternoon, I went to Hobby Lobby.
They don't have as wide selection of buttons, as Jo-Ann's, but they are a dollar or two cheaper.

I got some really sparkly ones. I chopped off the backs and glued them to earring posts.

(I think the most expensive was $5.99 for a pair, and then they were also 50% off.)

These clear acrylic buttons with mirror backs, have holes for thread (like most buttons do) instead of a loop on the back:

The holes will have to be filled with some kind of bead, before I turn them into earrings.
Not sure what, yet...

When I got to work one day last week, I found that the tech guy and new office manager had wiped clean the computer I was using to send the church bulletin to the publisher, although I had warned them against it before.

I knew there was a special format to send the  bulletin file. It is a kind of Adobe PDF.
But since the last office manager left, nobody really knew what the difference was, except that the files could only be sent from that computer.

(The same thing is happening with the program I use to print out certificates.)

The New Year's newsletter had to be sent on Friday.
I saved the file as a regular PDF and sent it using the computer I've been given, and kept my fingers crossed.

I didn't hear back from the printer's.
The manager went home without mentioning anything either.

Later on, I left some forms on the new manager's desk, and saw some messages with the printer's number.
Uh oh!
I texted her at home and she said "Oh yeah, they called, and said you would know what it was all about!"

Unfortunately they close at 3:30 PM West Coast Time.

All I can do now is go in at the crack of dawn to call the support number, and hope there's still time to have the bulletin printed and mailed by the 30th.

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