Wednesday, December 7, 2016

Another long week

On Sunday, two new receptionists were hired, and I am going to be the lead receptionist. 
I've had to put in a little extra time to train, but the office manager and business manager helped too. 

I felt a little left in the dark when I heard about the changes at first.
But it looks like I came out on the brighter side. 

I'm glad to be working with all new people! Who could ask for anything more?

A few people this week were surprised to hear that I didn't take the office manager position after working here for way more than 10 years.
But, I am happy with the new office manager, a young lady who is studying social service, and I could not possibly take on any more responsibility, in my life right now. 

I haven't had a vacation since October 2009 (my choice, so don't go and sue anybody)
...but now the possibility of a vacation is in sight.
Or at lease being able to leave the office in capable hands, and not have to worry about having a job when I got back.
Or maybe even going back to school for a master's...

I'm also happy that I haven't lost any of my old responsibilities, like working on the church newsletter.

I'm still struggling because I don't have a computer station of my own, with all the programs I need, and it didn't help that the server went down the day the tech guy left for a 2 week vacation.

But things are still getting done.
I have a huge weight off my shoulders. For the time being. 

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  1. Happy for you Julie, you sound happy.
    Wishing good health for your family too! ♥