Sunday, November 6, 2016

More hot glue in molds. HB pier tragedy.

Here is the result from yesterday, when I put plain hot glue into a silicone ice cube tray:

I should have known it would dry opaque. (The sticks were opaque.)
I can't see the glitter I poured in.

Saturday after work I went to Michael's to find transparent glue sticks.
They didn't have any perfectly transparent ones.
I also bought glitter glue sticks.

I had searched the baking aisle at the dollar store and Jo-Ann's, but I didn't find quite what I was looking for until now:

Silicone candy molds.
This one is for making leaf-shaped candy:

This one is by Wilton for making candy pieces, like to stick on a wedding cake:

They had a lot of designs like this, but I liked this one the best for making jewelry.
It was called "jewelry."

I tried filling with the silver glitter, and the almost clear glue stick:

The long strings can become bracelets and the icicle shape would be good for Christmas.
The molds had a matte finish with a result like sea glass.
I still felt like it was all a goopy mess.
Fun, but a mess.

I decided to go to the HB pier again. I hoped the sunset would be better than last week.
I used to go almost every week...

It looked like it would get cloudy but there was still somewhat of a sunset.
It was twice as crowded as last week, and the waves were bigger and full of surfers.

Walking back from the end of the pier. I passed a candlelight vigil.

Suddenly, two surfers threw their boards off the pier and did backflips into the water!

I was sure the security, or a lifeguard would arrest them, but nothing happened.
Maybe there wasn't a lifeguard on duty.

I kept walking back to the shore and taking pictures.
Suddenly the crowd on the pier shouted and pointed.
I thought it was a shark, but it was a surfer, facedown, next to his board.

Even with all the people around, it took long minutes for the nearest surfer to reach him, and longer minutes for the unconscious surfer to be towed to shore.

They performed CPR for a LONG time. It didn't look good.

I wonder if it was one of the surfers who jumped off the pier?
I thought I saw them come right back up...

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