Saturday, November 26, 2016


It feels like November at last.

What is your mental age?
One of my favorite bloggers brought up this website.
After answering some multiple choice questions, it guesses your mental age:

My mental age is 43!
Close enough.
I was afraid my mental age would be much younger than myself!

This week, I did a few creative things.

Last weekend I went to Daiso and one of the things I picked up was a silicone mat.
I saw something similar at Michael's for $10, but this was $1.50 at Daiso.

The silicone mat came from the cooking aisle.
It is probably used to put under hot pots and pans.

I used it to make snowflakes out of hot glue:

Yesterday, I went to Art Supply Warehouse in Westminster.
I bought a few tubes of acrylic paint.
I forgot to look for powdered pigment.

I paid for a class in December, Cards and Mail Art by artist Jacki Long.
Jacki has her own blog, here:

I saw an ad for a class on how to use a new line of products called Marabu.
I didn't think I had time for the class, even though it was only a couple hours, but I did buy a few water-soluble crayons.

Classes at Catalyst:

I didn't get a chance to use the crayons, but I did put some of the paint I bought on a few pages of a book.

Lately my sketchbook hasn't been getting much use, but I still bring it everywhere I go.

The other day, I was upset to find the cat on the bed.
I put the sketchbook on her to encourage her to leave, but she just went back to sleep.

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  1. Yeah! So glad that I'll see you next month, which will be here in a few blinks? So glad you keep you journal too. Hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving and your parent are doping well? Take good care!♥