Friday, November 4, 2016

Hot glue sticks and silicone molds

Awhile back, I bought these silicone molds.

I was playing with solder, and since the molds are good for up to 400 degrees, I thought they might make some interesting solder charms.

It was mostly a mess.

I made a lot of solder trinkets, but I couldn't figure out a use for them...

Also there were a lot of spiky edges.

These silicone molds are meant to be used with resin, hot glue, or baking with Fimo clay.

This weekend, I found some black glue sticks at Daiso:

Just in time for Halloween!

It was somewhat easier to fill the molds with hot glue.
The glue fills in the small spaces better than the solder.
Also it's less stinky.

I made a new pile of trinkets:

There were also edges and threads left over, but they can easily be trimmed with scissors.

While I was looking for my glue gun, I found white glue sticks.
I forgot I bought them when I bought the molds.

I tried using the white glue sticks.
Of course there was still black glue in the gun.

The combination was a different look that I might explore later.

Glue guns cost only a few bucks.
I guess if I don't want the colors to mix, I should buy one for separate colors...

I made a whole lot of plastic trinkets.

The shapes that I liked the best, in either color and also in solder, were the flowers and the butterflies.

I wasn't happy enough with them to make any jewelry yet.

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