Sunday, October 23, 2016

Watching Dark Shadows, I made earrings.

This weekend I am still binge-watching Dark Shadows.
I'm on episode 85 of the first season (1966).
I thought the plot was very slow at first but it has become really convoluted.
I am avoiding all the spoilers I can find.

Instead of skipping the parts I might find boring, I can do beading, or whatever.
Today I really wanted a pearl colored earring and I didn't find any I liked.
I decided to make some from buttons.
I found my stash of buttons, glue and earring backs and made a bunch.

Earrings are easy to make from buttons, you just need some wire cutters to cut the loop off the back, and some nail clippers will get the rest.
If you really wanted you could file the back so it's completely flat, and the glue sticks better, but I usually just wear the things once and forget about them.
Then just glue the button to a earring post or a ring shape.

I found some buttons that I thought would make good finger rings, too.
I found my ring shapes, but the buttons were all mostly gold (plastic) or brass and my ring shapes were all silver. :(
Next time.

I really liked these plastic buttons that looked like ear plugs.

This weekend there was the first-ever air show at Huntington Beach!
It seemed like it was in planning only a few months ago and now it has happened!
I couldn't go, but I could see the contrails from the Thunderbirds from the office.

I used to go to the air shows at El Toro every year and I really miss the sounds of military jets.

Saturday was sunny but it rained all day today.
I could still hear the jets but I couldn't see them.

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  1. Hope your Mom & Dad are doing well.
    Love your fearless approach to jewelry making. ;o)