Friday, October 28, 2016

Sunsets and butterflies

This week I took some pictures of the nice sunsets from the rain.

I noticed the drug dealer living in the front yard of the corner house, who used to follow me around, hasn't been there in a few weeks.

This morning I felt brave enough to walk my dog again.
I got a nice picture of the sunrise, but it didn't really rain much today.

I am continuing to binge-watch Dark Shadows. (on YouTube)
I'm up to about episode 200... of over 1,200!
I've never had time or interest to watch a soap opera before. I don't expect to get through them all.
Luckily I found an episode guide online,
so I can read what happens and fast forward to the good parts.

Still haven't gotten to the part where the vampire Barnabas shows up.
That seems to be the series most popular character.

I learned the name of the yucky fish prepared by the student living at the church.
They are called Charales.

All week the office smelled like fish because the student must have been using the microwave to heat up the concoction.

The student also keeps the very nice garden around the church.
Last week I criticized him for using insecticide on the caterpillars that were eating his flowers.
I said, "you are killing butterflies!"

Today he brought me a cup of "butterflies!"

I'm totally going to put them in my garden at home, and see what comes up.


  1. An interesting life Julie &. Beautiful photos! Are they from your phone or a camera?

  2. The photos are from my Samsung galaxy 4 phone and untouched.
    It was definitely picking up colors I wasn't seeing...