Sunday, October 2, 2016

More time to do things this Sunday

Yesterday, when I couldn't find Don the mechanic, I went to Hobby Lobby.

I was hoping to find more exciting soldering supplies, but it wasn't much different from the stuff I saw at Michael's.
One thing I didn't find was something called casting sand. You use it to make a mold and then pour metal into it.

One thing I found in the bead section were small glass crystals.
I think the bag was $2. They are sold along with tiny glass vials, to use as filling.
They look like Swarovski but aren't. I will find a lot of uses for them.

I tried melting solder into the mold around the crystals. Sometimes it worked, but mostly the crystals want to escape. I could glue them back, but I didn't want to use glue.

It left an interesting pattern in the solder.

I melted solder into a mold, around a bead. I kind of like the rough look, but it's a little too rough.

I practiced something more practical, soldering a ring onto a trinket so it can hang.
I tried soldering off some of the rough edges.
I tried adding solder to the butterfly wings.

It was like trying to make a cupcake out of icing by using a hot knife.

I went outside.
I tried taking pictures of the fish in the pond again.
They move around a lot, and I haven't got the hang of my phone's camera yet.

I noticed my camera has a fish-eye lens option.

The camera seemed to focus on the reflections more than the fish.

I chased the cat away.

I noticed if I took a picture of the shadow of the shrubs hanging over the pond , I could actually see the fish underneath.

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