Saturday, October 1, 2016

Discouraging start to the weekend

On Thursday night, about 1 am, I woke up to hear a thump and dogs barking and an odd sound.
I looked out my window to see a scary looking man walking through my front yard.
My neighbors are noisy, and I often dream about seeing scary people outside my window.
This time it was for real!
I cursed at him and ran outside with the dog and a big flashlight and not much else, but the man was long gone.
I didn't call the police because A: he was gone, B: average looking, and C: nothing was missing.

I think it was a homeless person checking for open doors or windows, or whatever.
It could also have been someone running away from the police through the backyard, which happens once in awhile.
I told my neighbors to keep an eye out...

I couldn't sleep after that, so I made some jewelry.
I wanted to remake this bracelet I made a couple months ago:

I made it with cheap cord, and it got all fuzzy after wearing it.
This time I wanted to try it with a leather cord.
I only had black, not brown.

I got off to a promising start:

I decided not to use as many beads.
It didn't look right but once I tied the knots I didn't want to untie them to add more beads.
I put some rings around the strands to hold it together, but that just looked weird.
I wasted a whole package of cord, too!

I also made this necklace out of blue stone beads:
I was inspired by some of the stuff in the Sundance catalog.

I made a bracelet with alternating black seed beads, and crystal beads:

I slept all day Friday. I didn't get much sleep last night either...
I set out early for Don's shop, to get some work done on the green car but he wasn't there.

The person who paints cars is a few blocks from the mechanic, so I went to see him.
I hadn't seen him since before Mom got sick in March.
Luckily he still remembered me, and said he would have an opening in about two weeks.

This afternoon at work, my co-worker said maybe a mouse had died in an office.
It wasn't a mouse... and the only plumber who answered said he was out of town.
The atmosphere around here is perfect for my mood.

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