Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Update on the red car. No pics.

On Tuesday I returned to the mechanic.
The part I bought, the IAC was the right one after all.
When I got there the car was warmed up and maybe that's why the thing went in without any trouble.

Although in general it runs better now, it still has the same problem.
When I start it cold, the idle is too low and it dies.
When I start from a stop, it wants to fall on its face, which is more annoying.

Don said to let the computer refresh itself and if that didn't work, then maybe he would have to trace the wiring back to the computer.

I can't remember how to change the idle speed.
I've seen it done enough that I should know these things. (Without looking it up)
However if the problem is when it's cold then that would have to do with the IAC or computer?

We also discussed the green car and why the latest rebuilt engine didn't produce the horsepower and torque as expected...
Could it be a fuel delivery issue?
That would be cheaper to go after than swapping in another motor.

A person could spend all day speculating, but that's part of the attraction of the hobby.
A never ending puzzle to put together.
I'm contented that at least both cars are drive-able.

I had a long day at work also, and didn't take pictures or draw or anything.

I tried uploading a video of the dragonfly from my home computer instead of from the laptop.
It looks awful, but I think it works.
(I deleted it for now.)

Mom is going to travel to see her oncologist Weds.
The future of her cancer treatment is still in limbo.


  1. No video on my screen.

    The video said "This plugin is vulknerable & should be updated" Activate Adobe flash, check for updates.

  2. Thanks. The video shows up on my home computer, but from my laptop it says "Missing Plug-in"
    I know I am missing a lot on my laptop but I thought the home was up to date.
    I need to learn how to put it on YouTube and link to it.