Friday, September 2, 2016

Painting flowers in Painter again

Today I got up early and went to visit my friend the mechanic.
The red car is going to need a tune up soon. Hopefully that's all it needs.

I was very sleepy all day because I got up early, and I wasn't looking forward to spending the night at the hospital.
But when I got here, Mom was more awake and talkative than I've seen her.
Hopefully, the extra physical therapy is giving her more energy.

Yesterday, I went back to a saved version of the face I drew in Painter on Tuesday.
I just pushed the paint around with the Impasto around and made a Gloopy mess of everything.
It didn't help that one of the patients down the hall suddenly started to scream.

Tonight I was sure I wasn't going to make anything, because I was so sleepy.
But I ended up finding an old photo of a flower on my hard drive, and copied it.

One of the nurses came by to see what I was doing. She was suprised that I didn't just trace over the original photo. I explained that I was trying to make it look as handmade and painterly as possible.
We ended up talking too loud and waking up Mom's roommate. Oops!

I decided I was tired of the Impasto tool and went back to using an Oil pastel tool to do a sketch.

A little farther along:

I blended with a tool called Oily blender which is my favorite so far.
It didn't airbrush away too much of the details.
(Previously I was using the blending tool called Smear.)

I wonder if I picked this flower picture because I was thinking about the hurricane in Florida?

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