Monday, September 26, 2016

Still nothing. Waiting to catch a wave.

Yesterday I couldn't sleep, but it was Dad's turn to stay up with Mom.
I cleaned my room a lot, and turned a dress into a shirt, read chapters in a novel, and wrote words in my journal.
That was more than I had done all week.

I'm getting closer to drawing again.

I had to sleep in today, so I didn't check to see if Don the mechanic was around.
Tomorrow Mom needs to see her general doctor so we can order more insulin, so that will take up all of tomorrow.

Still watching this surfer guy's videos. It's just like being there.
Shooting the pier!

When I was in my early 20's, and had a lot less to do, I would hang out at the HB pier.
Walking from one end of the pier to the other gives you 30 minutes of something to do.
Sometimes they have a farmer's market.

I used to go to the US Open in July too, but it has been many years.
There was one memorable year when the waves were so big,  they actually had to tow the surfers with jet-skis.

I think I like surfing because it reminds me about art.
Sometimes there are big waves and sometimes there aren't any, but there will always be waves.

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