Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Sunflowers and Corel Painter

Here at the hospital with my old mac laptop and my Wacom tablet and Corel Painter X.

Today I figured out how to download pictures from my new phone to my old mac laptop.
(I needed to download a program.)

Here's a couple of sunflowers that came up in my backyard, although according to the seed package, I planted them a bit late.

I got to know this sunflower very well:

I spent the last 4 hours drawing it in Painter.

I was trying to recreate the way I draw flowers in my sketchbook.
I draw flowers with a water soluble pencil and then do a wash over it.
Painter X doesn't have a watercolor pencil tool, or anything like it, but it has watercolor effects.
I used something called "Thick and Thin Pencil" tool to do an outline.

Next I filled it in with lines. I didn't find the "Thick and Thin" pencil to be either.

I went over it with a blender tool called "Just Add Water," which I really liked.

I probably should have left it there.
I used different tools like pastels and oils.
Eventually I ended up with this:

I haven't used Painter in many years.
It was interesting to notice the differences in how I use it now.
I used to use it like photoshop.
After experimenting with all kinds of media in my sketchbook, I feel like I'm better at making the program do more "painterly" effects.

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  1. Very cool, and what a good way to spend long hours!
    Love & prayers for you & your family.