Sunday, August 21, 2016

Some more flowers in Painter

Today was another day without any time to paint or play with beads.
I had time to go into the garden around the office and pick flowers.

I took pictures of the flowers on my desk knowing I would be drawing them in Painter when I went to the hospital later.

Mom is doing OK.
The head nurse today says we shouldn't spoil her, she needs to do more things on her own if she is going to get better.
Mom mostly sleeps, but when she wakes up I let her see what I'm doing on the computer.

I usually like a colored background, but this picture looked nice with the white cotton curtain:

First I sketched the entire thing with a large (30 point) oil brush tool:

Using the blender/Smear to get more details:

I worked on it 1 to 1 and the zoomed in about 2x to get details.
It's hard for me not to get too airbrushy.

I enjoyed this one more than yesterday's.
Using the blender/Smear is really fun for making glass effects.

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