Monday, August 22, 2016

One hour to make earrings

Today I had one hour before work and I made a pair of earrings.

I copied these flattened wire earrings from the Sundance catalog.
(The Sundance company has great jewelry artists and I am not copying the design for profit.
You can see the artist profiles on their website.)

I used aluminum wire which is very cheaply available.
Here, I adjusted the length of the drop shapes by wrapping the end of the wire around the pliers.

Here are the parts I used, before I hammered them:

I changed my mind about the size of the round ring that holds the drops.
In the picture, I think the earring back and the loop are all one piece, which is clever.
I had to decide what size loop to use.
Here is what I ended up with:

In the end I would:
Use a different shade of gold for the center wire, this one looks too brassy.
Use a thinner wire all around so it looks less clumsy.
Bend and hammer the drop shapes more carefully.
I was going for a textured look because it was easy. Hammering them smooth is harder.

If I have time during the week I will do them over again more carefully.
I have to pass up a CPR class with my co-workers tomorrow morning, because then I would be too tired to function tomorrow night...

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  1. I like your results! What a great way to spend an hour, though I am sure it would take me longer! ;o)