Friday, August 26, 2016

Typical weekday around here.

On Wednesday my mom had to leave the long term hospital to see her oncologist at UCI.
Luckily they provided the transportation.
At the same time, my dad was getting a colonoscopy at St. Joseph.
He had colon cancer and was treated last year and is doing well. This recent test came out well.

Tonight (Thursday), the very serious security guard was on duty at the long-term hospital.
I told her about some drug dealers I had been seeing in the alley.
We ended up having a conversation about security, which was clearly her favorite subject, and shared some anecdotes, so maybe next time she'll be more friendly.

Just now, at midnight they took mom to do an MRI.
Her oncologist wants to know if the chemo itself made her weak or if there is another cause.
This smaller hospital doesn't have an MRI machine so they brought the machine here.
I thought they would do it in a van, but in fact the MRI machine weighs several tons.
They took her to a huge 18-wheeler parked in back.
We got on a big, scary lift with nothing to hold onto, 6 feet up into the side of the truck.

It was a neat experience, but I didn't think it would be right to take pictures.

I did take pictures of flowers at work to draw them in Painter:

These flowers and many of my other flowers are from the amazing garden the student/groundskeeper has planted around the office.
While I was taking this picture, he called to say the unpleasant homeless lady had spit on him.
She was bound to snap sooner or later, since we got rid of her junk pile.
I encouraged him to file a police report.
When the lady spit on me 5 years ago, it helped to get a restraining order on her for 3 years.
I swore I wouldn't still be working at the church office when she came back...

It's hard to balance getting more detailed in my drawings, without getting too airbrush-looking.
Also i want to keep some hard edges, but not too mechanical-looking marks.


                                                              Not quite done but getting there.

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  1. I'm so glad you fir in time for your beautiful artwork.
    Take good care & love & prayers for your family.