Saturday, August 6, 2016

Not too busy to paint

I dreamed that Mom came home and she could walk again, although a bit unsteady.
Everyone was really happy.
Then she fell and broke her hip, and that was it.
It was such an unhappy dream, it ruined my day.

Yesterday, Mom left UCI and went to a long-term care hospital, where we hope she will recover from her pneumonia and get strong enough to walk again.

This time her room is a double, and the chair is a metal folding chair.
There's no chance of sleeping, although she wants me to stay with her all night.

Also I can't turn the light on whenever I want, like to read, or draw, because the room is shared.
So I can't really do much except play solitaire on my phone/ipod.

But, I still had some time to draw in my sketchbook while at work the past few days.

Yesterday I started sketching these flowers.

I didn't finish, and one of them wilted, so I picked a different flower and drew them over again today.

Somebody gave me a bunch of miniature mangos from their tree.
I drew those too.
Drawing ovals in perspective is always a challenge!
Especially when you're out of practice!


  1. Glad you are making time for your art.
    You and your family are in my thoughts and prayers daily.