Sunday, July 10, 2016


This weekend, I cleared all the bead things off my drawing table and pulled out my watercolors.

This tray is from a child's set of watercolors from Target or Michael's.
They cost about $5.
The paints are pale and waxy, but the lid has little dimples for mixing, and I put good quality tube watercolors into them.

It doesn't leave any room for mixing paint.
I think professionals use a limited palette, and/or they know what colors they will need.
But I like having all the colors out at once!

I painted some flowers Friday:

Yesterday I scribbled with a wax pencil made for filling in chips in wood furniture.
Then I splashed paint and ink on it:

More flowers:

I did another one today:

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  1. I love seeing your works, and having fun. Take good care. ♥