Monday, July 4, 2016

Long weekend

After I cleaned the house, I looked at some old artist magazines and admired some oil portraits.

I found some oil pastels and drew some flowers from my garden.
I used regular alcohol to blend it, because I didn't want oily crumbs in my sketchbook:

On Sunday my mom had high sugar levels.
The doctors told us to expect this to happen because of the steroid she was given to reduce the swelling in her brain.
Although she didn't seem any more ill than usual, I decided to take her to the Emergency room.
She had been controlling her diabetes without insulin, using a pill, but the doctor had taken her off of it, last month when she did the biopsy.
The next doctor's visit wasn't scheduled until the 12th, so by going to the ER, the doctor quickly OK'd her the pill again, and hopefully in a few days her sugar will be OK.
It was a long day... the ER was mostly quiet. Mom slept, and Dad went home and took a nap.

Today, the 4th, she had a regularly scheduled blood test.
Unfortunately they had to do some of the same tests again, but she needed them.
Her blood cell count was up from yesterday, which was good. It meant she didn't need a transfusion.
Sugar was still high.
It was surprising that the hospital was open, but people taking chemo are on strict schedules.

A few weeks ago, I filled some hanging baskets with Fourth-of-July colored flowers.
At Walmart, a ready made-basket cost about $19.99.
Right next to them, they had the same annuals in flats for about $2.00 for six little plants.

I already had a bunch of empty baskets and dirt, so I for about $20 of plants, I filled up my own.

The little blue ones are Lobellias, and the red and white ones are Vincas.
They aren't as bushy as the already-made baskets, but they're better, because I made them!

Cute little spider on the flag:

Today I also tried making a bracelet organizer, but I'll save that for tomorrow's blog.

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