Monday, June 27, 2016

Mom still in hospital, I did more painting.

Mom's still in the hospital.
Today she walked around and sat up in a chair quite a bit.
The doctors say that she might come home any day now.

Over the weekend I took more paints and watercolor crayons and my sketchbook to the hospital, and painted.
Every day my dad spends up to 10 hours sitting with Mom and I am there up to 6 hours, so there is a lot of time to paint and I am getting used to bringing my stuff.

I made this sketch from a photo I took of some flowers on my desk at work.

I started with water-soluble pencils and crayons:

I made a wash, and it was pretty good at that point:

Since I had literally all day, I finished it up with more watercolors from a tray of tube watercolors:

I also made a sketch from a photo one of my dogs looking angelic:
I think this was the day after he stole a piece of chese from the counter and ate it,
along with the cellophane wrapper. It turned out OK in the end...

Sam is 6 and a really good subject, but I've hardly ever drawn any pictures of him...
Mostly because he doesn't sit still, or because I don't take time to draw from photos.

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