Friday, June 24, 2016

Interesting things around the church office

This week was busy as usual.
Mom is STILL in the hospital!
She was supposed to come home Tuesday, but the levels of Chemo in her blood were too high.
Maybe tomorrow.

This week, I saw an awesome Guadalupe painted on somebody's hood.

Today I met a famous person!
Milagros, the handicapped girl with no legs, whose special wheelchair was stolen last year.
(It was returned to the family, after the story appeared in the news.)

I didn't know her family was part of our church!
She really is an awesome, adorable kid, and even cuter in person.

This week I also met this mother's mother. I tried to console her, as she is very upset about her grand-daughter's death.

Last night some tools were stolen from the construction crew working on the school's A.C.
The police took a report.

A lady visiting the office today had a handful of herbs. Papalo.
It's an herb I've seen at the local grocery, but I didn't know what it was.
She said, "Oh, the student has it planted here, in the back yard of the office."


Sure enough, there it was,  in the weeds next to the watermelon.
It's the plant with the large flat leaves.

It tastes like Cilantro, or spicy oregano, but has a texture more like small spinach.

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