Wednesday, May 25, 2016


Today I went to visit my friend the mechanic and worked on one of my cars.
Actually it was a lot of watching and less doing.

At home I cut down the big sunflower "tree."
It had developed a fungus, so the flowers were not turning into seeds for the birds.

I planted some more seeds I bought last week.
I noticed it takes between 70 and 90 days for them to bloom!
I wonder if they will come up at all this year?

At work today I didn't draw much but I used a wet paintbrush on the drawing I made yesterday:

Some people at church are starting a choir that sings only 4 times a year.
I wasn't going to audition because I didn't think I would be able to attend their practices, because they are usually held on weeknights, when I am at work.
Also the songs will be in Spanish and I don't know them very well.
But when they came by to make copies, they said many of the people who signed up today only had free time on Sundays, like me.

So I auditioned.
I used to sing in high school, and I learned to read music. But I was really rusty!
I don't even remember singing in the shower or along with the radio ONCE this year.
Or at church.
When I sang a scale for the audition, I think I had a range of 10 notes total!
We'll see what happens...

I told my co-worker that I did the audition just for fun, like riding a roller coaster for the thrills.


  1. I'm betting you'll make it! ;o)

  2. Thanks, Jacki! You are the best!
    We "creatives" really stick together, (around my work,) but I hope if I make it, it's because I sing OK.