Saturday, May 7, 2016


Today I have a cold.
I forgot to bring my favorite drawing tools to use at work, during the slow time.

I took pictures of the clouds yesterday.

I have a lot of cloud pictures.
Maybe 50% of the pictures on my camera are puffy clouds!
I keep saying I'm going to use them in an artwork someday...

Yesterday I saw a small rainbow in the clouds.

I used Photoshop to bring up the color.
Although the clouds didn't look like this, it is still believable:

More color and less reality:

I haven't played with Photoshop in a very long time. Years, maybe.
I wonder if I can make my photograph of sunflowers look like my sketches?
(Before my co-worker comes in)

I learned (relearned) how to "feather" the image, (in Publisher it's called "soft edges.")

Silly but fun.

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