Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Today I made a collage

When I went to the bookstore the other day, I actually did buy a book.
 It is called Art Journal Kickstarter.

There are a lot of similar books like it.
Some of them have different journals/techniques/prompts by one author or more authors.

This one has a different artist on each page and an interview with the artist.
There were about 75 artists featured inside!
The cover of the book is awful, but the artists featured inside are great.
Some of the questions were "what inspired you to make this one"
and "name an artist who inspires you"
I will enjoy looking up all these artists!

The other day I found an unused glue stick in my desk at work! I felt nostalgic.
Today I put it to use.
I had a whole hour where nobody showed up.
I tore up a recent Forbes magazine and made a collage.

I was inspired by an ad with a man on the crow's nest of a boat.
It reminded me of myself trying to find my creativity.

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