Wednesday, April 27, 2016


Today was a long day.
I spent several hours with my mom and dad at UCI medical center in Orange.
We got a new neurosurgeon for mom and scheduled a date for the biopsy in 8 days.
I feel confident with her new doctor but it has been a long road and it still isn't over yet.
It was sad when they gave her a mental evaluation and asked her questions and she couldn't answer hardly one.

I anticipated a slow day and brought a pencil case with art supplies to work.
It wasn't my regular case with "travel" things like a paintbrush and a variety of pencils and crayons.
Instead I accidentally brought a box of "Gelatos"

These are similar to water soluble crayons but they are softer, more like oil pastel.
They roll up, like a glue stick.
They are very soft and crumbly, so they get used up quickly and make a mess.

They are expensive, I think $20 for 5. I have only seen them at Michael's.

I drew the flowers on my desk:

I really wanted to blend the colors, like I always do, but I didn't have a brush.
Maybe it's better that I left it alone.

I added more marks and wondered what to do.

Eventually I ran out of time.

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