Tuesday, April 26, 2016

All work and no play

Today I find myself all alone in my office, with nothing to do and without any of my drawing tools.

I keep some things in a pencil case to bring to work with me, but a few days ago my Mom found them and she started doodling and I couldn't bring myself to take them back.

We got a new doctor for Mom because her previous doctor left town, and she will see him tomorrow.
She has been steadily getting worse, but we have had a few days of "just staying the same."

If I have time I will try to draw anything in my sketchbook with just the office tools.
I'm sure there's a few Sharpies somewhere.

The giant sunflower in the backyard is starting to bloom.

It is going to have several blossoms.

Here is another sunflower that popped up.
This is the size of all the other sunflowers that I've seen:


  1. Maybe draw the sunflower? '
    Or, re-arrange it?
    Or, draw it non-dominant hand?
    Or, make a grid with part of it in each compartment?

  2. Yay. Thanks Jackie.
    I saw the "face a day" prompt on your blog...
    Faces used to be so easy.
    I am just so blocked right now, it takes an effort just to write what I'm feeling...