Saturday, April 23, 2016

A drawing of flowers

Things at home are messed up.
My mom is mostly paralyzed from her brain tumor. Every week is a little worse.
Last week she could barely walk with a walker, and this week she can't sit up straight.

There was some kind of mix up and after trying for over a week, the insurance company told us yesterday that they can't provide a home nurse unless we put her into hospice (that means refusing any further treatment)

My dad and I are getting into the routine of caring for some one who can barely move.
I guess no one wants her to go to the hospital.

My brother will be coming into town early next week and my sister is coming May 1st, so hopefully they can help make sense of things.

Today was a usually slow day at work, so I made some time to draw the flowers on my desk.
I'm getting better at managing my new tasks with drawing.

I started out with a sketch in water-soluble crayons:

After I scanned it, I decided it needed more colors:

I blended the background with hand sanitizer instead of water.
It kind of is a gel and it doesn't blur the scribbles as much as water.

What I ended up with by the end of the day:


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