Friday, March 11, 2016

Using hand sanitizer for gel medium?

Today was a... day.
It rained (I like rain) and there was a pretty sunset, but I couldn't find my camera.

I found out my mom's ankle is only sprained, but she has to wear a boot for 3 weeks.
Two years ago she broke a bone in her foot and had to wear a boot for 3 months!
I don't think she would be able to go through that again.
She can't remember to grab her cane when she gets up!
I think we need more canes so she always has it handy.

I made a ring and some earrings at home, and drew a picture at work.

I found these neat beads at Jo-Ann craft:

It's hard to tell from the pictures, but they are about 1/2 an inch cubes, and the wire goes through at an angle.
I got a lot of positive comments about the earrings. They were pretty easy to make.

I also glued a fancy jeweled button to a ring back.

The button was missing a stone and I found one that almost matched.

At work I had plenty of time to draw this dog. I drew it with Stabilo "stubby" watercolor crayons.

I dreamed I adopted a stray dog, a yellow retriever.
The dog had a ugly face but I was pleased, because now I had an even number of dogs, two black and two yellow.
In real life I have a black dog, black cat, and orange dog.
I guess even while dreaming I have to make everything even.

Instead of using water to blend the crayon, I used the hand sanitizer on my desk.
It's alcohol, and many markers are alcohol based...

I like that it didn't run, like using water would.
I think it is not "acid free" so after time I think it could change colors.

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