Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Ways to store and display accessories

Today I didn't do much art. I made a stretch bracelet or three.
At work it was a Tuesday, which is the busiest day and didn't leave me time to draw.

Also my mom isn't feeling well, so I didn't sleep well, so I didn't have any weird dream inspirations.

I was almost not going to blog today, but then I remembered some pictures of my room that I hadn't posted yet.

I have a collection of sunglasses:

This is hanger, available from IKEA.

I end up with so many because I will go driving somewhere and forget to bring sunglasses, and have to stop and buy a pair at the drugstore or gas station.
The 99 Cents store sometimes has good ones too.

Some of the cat-eye sunglasses near the top are from the 90's.
I never wear those. Just the bottom row.

Before I painted I had all kinds of hooks and hangers on the wall for my jewelry:

Like this wrought iron hook thing I found in the back yard.
It was white and I painted it gold, and now I want it white again.

A store I went to put their bracelets for sale in a big jar, and gave me this idea:

Jar from Michael's.
This wouldn't work to store earrings or necklaces but somehow it works for bracelets.

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  1. I love seeing your storage ideas, and I am glad you posted today, always interesting to me. ;o)