Sunday, March 6, 2016


Today I finished painting the last bits of the bedroom, and did some details.
I went from a peach pink and floral scheme, to gray and purple and gold.
It kind of (unintentionally?) looks like the Blogger background.

Today I was headed to Michael's with my coupon but instead I ended up at Anthropolgie at the Irvine Spectrum.
Anthropologie has the best clothes, and home decorating things, and a fun catalog.
(Luckily their clothes don't seem to come in my size, because they are out of my budget.)

One great thing I can't resist is their collection of knobs.
They have some really wild knobs of all shapes and materials; ceramic and glass, knobs in the shape of animals, and knobs that look like rocks and geodes, for instance.

I almost got these cute fox knobs!

I got some pretty standard looking knobs for the closet doors and drawers.

The closet had the pink knobs that matched my walls, and I replaced them with the large crystal,
and the drawers had small round crystal, and I replaced them with the gold glass knobs

Target was in the area, and I got the fuzzy gray bedspread for $23.

I also got a lampshade at Target for $7.99.
The old lampshade was beige with black flowers.

Earlier in the week, I used my Michael's coupon to buy a LED lighted bunch of cherry blossoms.

I already had this vase with  3 stems of cherry blossoms, (and also some other flowers but I took those out.)
This package of lights also had 3 stems, so it combined pretty well.

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