Wednesday, March 23, 2016

It's Easter Week, everyone should be on vacation

That's what everyone says to me, but actually this week has been the busiest, yet.
I have family visiting so I gave them my newly decorated bedroom and I have been sleeping on the floor in my drawing area.
It's not bad. I'm surrounded by my books and my art supplies, so if I get up at 4 am I can draw or make beads.

I found a book about native American costume I bought long ago, hoping it would be full of pictures.
It ended up being just lists of tribes and descriptions of the kind of things they wore.
It was still inspiring. I made these bracelets:

I spotted a book on a shelf that I had never really gotten into.
A lot of people know it, somebody gave it to me 15 years ago.
It's called The Artist's Way.
I tried doing the exercises 15 years ago, but I was a different person.
Nowadays. I really appreciate inspirational stuff!
So, I hope to get past chapter two this time...

Monday was a good day for drawing at work.
The flowers I picked the other day, all bloomed into huge blossoms.
I still forgot to pack a magenta color.
Gel pens:

This month I switched back to my multi-media paper sketchbook.
I wish I had more time to use it properly!
I tried doing a wash:

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