Friday, March 18, 2016

Good news / bad news.

More thorough tests were done on my mom and she has a small tumor in her brain which has been causing the memory loss and loss of balance. We don't know what kind of tumor or whether it is operable.
Her ankle wasn't broken, only sprained so she doesn't need to wear more than a brace.

She has started getting a steroidal anti-inflammatory and in the two days that she has been taking it, she has become slightly more alert.

One of the things my mom used to do was edit the church newsletter.
I used to help her proofread it, although she made all the design decisions herself.
It was a little utilitarian in style, but I wasn't going to take the fun out of it for her, just because I was an "art major."
Lately I had been doing it all myself.

All the positions at the church are highly sought after, and now that she is gone the Office Manager discovered we have a newsletter, and was talking about how I will now "work with another employee on it."
I am unhappy because this is probably the only cool part of working there.

This week I have been super busy because we are transitioning to booking events by computer only, and everyone I work with is barely computer literate

Now I will not only have to train another person how to use a computer program, the newsletter job doesn't require two people to maintain it... you know what that means.

I would much rather train some one how to use the photocopier!
Why can't life be that simple?

I know I sound whiny about having to work with somebody on the newsletter, but that person has a very bad temper, and made my mother cry at least twice.

I get along with everyone well including that rude person, but I think I need to stand up for myself...

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