Monday, March 14, 2016


I knew my job was going to be crazy today, (Almost everyone is out sick) so I prepared by making art at home, instead of trying to do it at my desk.

I was so anxious about the work piled up, I finished with an hour to spare!

I started this collage about a dream:

I was taking a boring class in college.
Another student had an interesting book. A fantasy novel from a series.
When I saw that it came from that same college's library, I went there.
When I got to the top floor, the elevator stopped working. No one could get down from that floor.

The other day I was watching random stuff on YouTube, and one video was about awkward sunburns.
Then I dreamed I had a sunburn, but it looked more like measles:

I had a few dreams this week about answering the door in my pajamas.
One person came to my house to interview me for a job interview.
Another person at my door was a couple friends from high school, whose hair had turned gray.

Today I wore these earrings which I copied from somewhere else:

I made them two weeks ago.
The large bead is plastic but is meant to be an aquamarine.

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