Saturday, March 5, 2016


Today was a good day.
There weren't any crises. Yet.

For instance, Thursday was awful.
In the 15 minutes before I closed, I realized I didn't get an important signature (which required the pastor to drive to someone's house to get it), some one passed out in the bathroom, (911) and somebody was having trouble paying for a funeral (which was taking place the next day, not even at our church.)

But today was a little better.
Except for the mouse stuck in the trap I had to kill.

I noticed a person left the (empty) outside storage closet unlocked, because they need to patch a hole, and I don't have that key.
Last month we had as many as 3 people sleeping in the 4' x 6' room under the stair (one of them was charging rent to the other two!) Until we fixed the lock.

It's going to rain tonight.
Sometimes there isn't a right or wrong choice.
I'll pretend I didn't see the After mouse or the door.

I was able to finish this collage I started a few days ago:

I made this collage about a dream I had about the world's fastest roller coaster and two famous celebrities. Maybe it's not finished.

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