Friday, February 19, 2016

Busy Friday

Today was a busy day for a Friday.
I had a chance to sketch the flowers on my desk.
This is in watercolor-crayon (Stabilo) and water.

I was invited to do an art demonstration at a cultural event at my church, tomorrow!

The director in charge wants me to do a painting demonstration.
They will give me a table.
I've never done a show or demonstration, so it's exciting.

I printed a couple copies of some previous things I have here on my blog, that I'll stick on some foam core to prop up.

Other people asked me to demonstrate a jewelry technique.
I did this in the office one day and it caused a real stir. Everyone likes to see me do this.
It's called making a ring by wrapping wire around a bead.
It doesn't take much but a bunch of wire and a bead.
It was an idea I copied from online, there are many versions of how to do this.
Here is one link.

I'm more excited about doing the rings than the painting demonstration.
The show is at least 2 hours long, so I can spend 1 hour doing 1 demonstration and 1 hour doing the other.

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