Friday, February 26, 2016

Today I didn't make anything

Today I didn't do anything great.
I spent an hour separating my regular colored paper, from tissue paper and colored napkins.
I found some great things I hadn't seen in awhile, like paper from Daiso.
But I didn't make anything, after all.

The paper and tissue paper were all together in a cloth "cube."
I have a 5 x 5 cube shelf from Ikea. "Kallax"
The cube system looks great, but doesn't work for art supplies, or when you want something at the bottom of the cube.
It's mostly a book shelf now.

Before that I had stacks of crates, (the kind you use to store Christmas ornaments)
But you have to move each heavy crate to get to the one on the bottom.

I have found drawers to work much better.

I have about 25 plastic drawers like these, with different things, like "stickers" "tools" "wire" "stamps" "ink" "glitter" etc.

This year I found a better stackable drawer, and have gradually been switching to them.

(The old drawers I retired went to Work and they are being used for sorting paper and certificates.)

They are sold individually instead of sets of 3.
So far I can only find them at Target.
This size costs $7.99 each, and there is a crate sized one that costs $14 or so but I don't use it.
So far, I can stack more than 6 and they hardly sag, so the bottom drawer still opens.


  1. I think it's fun to see the how's of artist storage and yours were very informative. I'll save that as an idea sometime! ;o) Thanks Julie!

  2. I wish it could be more stylish!
    Wood drawers would be better, but they cost a lot more.