Saturday, February 13, 2016

Tet celebration

Today at the church the Vietnamese community celebrated the Lunar New Year with music and dragon dancers.

A few years ago there was one or two dragons, and now there are 5.

The young men in the costumes (there are 2 in each dragon) practice all year and they do some great stunts, like standing on each others shoulders, and climbing a tall pole that spins around.


It is nice to have culture at my doorstep, since I can't ever seem to get away.

I made another collage about dreams.
In this dream, I had a boyfriend and he was wearing a maroon colored dress shirt and black pants.
I was supposed to pick out a dress to wear to an event with him.
I wanted to wear a maroon colored dress, but he disagreed. "Then we'll look like a bunch of Goths."
He pulled out a striped shirt and said I needed to match that shirt.

I didn't know which stripe I was supposed to match.

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