Monday, February 29, 2016

Goodbye Tiger (and Frog)

This weekend I decided to repaint my bedroom.
Probably because I have a lot of better things to do (like a tune-up on the green car, or take an art class.)

Maybe about 5 years ago I painted the room a salmon pink, called Lotus Flower.
This limited my choice of curtains and beddings to be a warm color, usually pink and flowery.
Back then I was into the Shabby Chic thing.
I painted some of my old bedroom furniture antique white.
I also have a dark brown bed and bookshelf.

I also like gray, purple, and gold color schemes for bedrooms, and since it was time for new bedding I decided to do the whole thing over again.

Here is just one of many inspirations:

I love looking at room color schemes on Google!

I picked up a wall color in between gray and purple, called Aged and Ancient Purple, from Walmart.
(I had it mixed at Home Depot because I went there next, and I didn't like their colors.)

At first it looked too purple but as it dried it looked more neutral.
I only got about as far as the door.

Previously, the back of the door had a tiger I painted almost 20 years ago!

At one point I had an entire bedroom wall painted as a jungle mural.
I took a picture as a memento.

I repainted around those "shelves" I made for the nail polish.
Opposite the door.
I also bought a trim color, slightly warmer than Antique White.

Under the shelves had been an Ocelot.

I noticed something stuck to the wall by the floor.
I had taped a picture of a tree frog to the wall!

Did I want to copy it, or make a decoupage thing?
After I taped it, I forgot all about it, for all those years!

They are all gone now.

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  1. No wonder we didn't see you in class, but so impressed with all that you did! And, I love the color!